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I am wondering why we get alerts on integrity due on msdb and model db, when dbi_dbccLastKnownGood date field is greater than the 7 days we specify? For example, we have the job start at 2 am, and the model and msdb dbi_dbccLastKnownGood is 02:01:55.707, but we got alert. However, the master db dbi_dbccLastKnownGood field is 05:00:11.323 (all three databases run integrity check at the same job), but the job finish in less than an hour about 3 am. So why master's dbi_dbccLastKnownGood is 05:00:11.323? How does this field get updated?



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    The alert is generated based on the content of the dbi_dbccLastKnownGood at the time that it checks it (SQL Monitor has a complex polling schedule). This value is populated and maintained by SQL Server itself, SQL Monitor only reads it.

    However, I am not sure what you are asking. Are you experiencing an error?
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    Yes. the integrity check job start at 2am, and the model and msdb dbi_dbccLastKnownGood field both are 02:01:55.707, and the job completed successfully. but why we still got alert about the due for model and msdb?
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