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locating a dll required by SA's own dll

manlyboymanlyboy Posts: 27 Bronze 2
edited January 30, 2013 7:52AM in SmartAssembly
As you know, the dll created by SA is embedded/merged into my own SA protected exe.

The dll created by SA references another dll which is located in a folder beneath the location of my exe. My exe.config file ensures probing of this sub-folder to find the dll referenced in my exe but will the SA dll created and embedded/merged into my exe be able to also locate the referenced dll located in the subfolder?


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    That somewhat depends on the mechanism by which it tries to load the DLL in the sub-folder. If you're referencing it by name as a string to load the assembly) you may find SA has changed this in your code and it won't work, in which case excluding it may help.

    Best would be to simply try it out; and if you're having trouble let us know the error you see and an example of the code and how everything is configured.
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