Script fails as sp references column that no longer exists

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During our build process we have created a stored procedure that inserts data into a table in another database. This was created and run successfully. Since then a column was dropped from this table and the sp. updated to reflect this.

Using SQLCompare to produce the deployment script it successfully scripts the creation of the sp when it was first created followed by a script that performs an ALTER statement to change the sp.
During deployment the script fails at the part where the sp is first created. This is because the column referenced in the table no longer exists, and so the sp cannot be created.

How can this be overcome during the deployment process. I have checked previous forum posts but can't find anything. I would have thought this was a common occurrence so I am overlooking a very simple option ?


  • This is a SQL Server limitation. It is not possible to create a procedure that references a column that doesn't exist. Interestingly SQL Server lets you create a procedure that references a table that doesn't exist!

    Why can't you simply drop the procedure since it is now "invalid" and can't run anyway?

    (SQL Prompt has a "find invalid objects" feature that will help you track these down)
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