Managed Visual C++/CLI project, compiler error C2686

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edited January 23, 2013 6:47PM in SmartAssembly
With some obfuscation settings, the C++/CLI compiler can run into error C2686:

error C2686: cannot overload static and non-static member functions with the same parameter types

Does happen with:
<Obfuscation FieldsNameMangling="2" NameMangling="3" />
Does not happen with:
<Obfuscation FieldsNameMangling="3" NameMangling="2" />
Also doesn't seem to happen with ascii renaming. Didn't try all settings.

I don't require any action, I'd just like to mention it so it's perhaps helpful to other users (and also myself in case I forget about it, then I can google to my own post).

- Wout


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