Not much of the search functionality seems to work

diverstevediversteve Posts: 2
edited January 16, 2013 10:56PM in SQL Search Previous Versions
I am tyring to locate all uses of a temp table, so I am trying to search for the '#' character. That returns nothing, but if precede it with a space, then it returns values.

I then tried to search on 'create table #' with exact match checked. It returned 10 results, but did not find a stored procedure that contains 'create table #depts' but did find 'create table #rate'.

This is very unreliabe!!! :(

I downloaded and installed the latest version tonight.

I went back to try a few more things. I am also running into the limit of 150 results as being an issue.

While I am on a role, I do not like that I cannot move the 'SQL Search' toolbox either. I am so used to the 'New Query' function being in that location.

Overall, I am a huge fan of RedGate products, but so far this one has way too many issues.
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