Blind SQL Comparison against Low Privilege database.

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I work at a company that has highly restricted database environments. We are trying to introduce Red Gate (the developer bundle) as part of our process.

So it works pretty good at first because we (the developers) have full access to Dev and Test environments.

However when our database code gets to the Stage environment we are in a pickle. The DBA's (who have access) are not in tune (and cannot be due to other bureaucratic reasons) with what objects we need synchronized, but we (the developers) cannot generate working scripts against Stage to give to the DBA's.

I know the root problem here is lack of permission, but due to the industry this company is in they take security very seriously and do not want to give any permissions except where absolutely necessary.

Here is what I have tried that almost worked:

1) I setup a blank database to compare against
2) I chose Behavior "Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER"
3) Then I chose appropriate items and it generated a script that worked for the FIRST time

When I tried to repeat the process, what happened is that the tables were not dropped the 2nd time (as described in the help text) And my newest table schema was not applied.

Is it possible to include tables in the "Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER" feature? The caveat is that data is destroyed... In my case I was coming in behind with a Data Compare script and filling in the data after.

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  • This would be considered a feature request.
    Under normal circumstances I would recommend that you request this feature in our uservoice forums.
    But it appears you have already done so.
    Hopefully the request recieves enough votes to be considered in a future release.
    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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