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130 error (access is denied.)

kimokimo Posts: 3
edited January 9, 2013 7:27PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi all,

Thank you in advance.

I am in the process of moving all native SQL logshipping to backuppro and at the very first attempted I am getting warning error 130 <sharefolder> (access is denied.) during the restore. The restore is successful just the moveto is failing. I can manually move the files to the proccessed folder with the same windows login.
The share folder is not the same as the processed folder. See below.

Any ideas why the files are not moving?

EXECUTE master..sqlbackup '-SQL "RESTORE LOG &#91;AutoCheckIntegration&#93; 
FROM DISK = ''\\sql-host\logshipping\autocheck\LOG_AutoCheckIntegration_V5_*.sqb''
 WITH STANDBY = ''G:\MSSQL\Backups\UNDO_AutoCheckIntegration.dat'',
  DISCONNECT_EXISTING, moveto = ''G:\MSSQL\Backups\''"', @errorcode OUT, @sqlerrorcode OUT;


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