Deploy to a specific machine?

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Under Projects -> Releases in the web interface I can choose which environment I want to deploy to, but what if there are several machines in one environment and I'd like to deploy a release to a specific machine?

Is that possible?


  • This would be very handy for us as well. Typically when a release is large we'll want to take a server out of load, release and test it then flip servers over and release to the rest.

    We could trick it by having a server in a separate environment however the config transforms match up to environment names.
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    Good initiative! Your suggestion just got a vote from me.

  • Currently this isn't possible I'm afraid.

    You might be able to get the functionality you want by pulling out your single test server out into a "canary" environment, and deploying to that environment first, then deploying to a "production" environment which contains the other server.

    I know that this would require you to make a "canary" config transform which is a copy of the "release" transform, but this should only be as much work as creating a separate config transform for each separate machine.
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