Exclude items in subscription articles in SSC

greg.straussgreg.strauss Posts: 7
Is it possible to exclude/filter subscription articles from what is managed in SSC? I have a situation where the database I want to manage consists mostly of tables, views, and stored procedures that are replicated from another DB (which is also in SSC). I am also adding stored procedures etc. on the target side to suit reporting requirements (i.e. these stored procs would only be called in the replicated instance, not the original).

I suppose I could put stored procs in a separate schema and filter that way, but... what about objects like indexes? I have instances where I've added indexes to replicated tables on the subscriber side only that speed up reporting queries. I don't want these indexes on the publisher side (i.e. production DB) for performance reasons; they would never be used and would slow down insert/updates. Indexes can't be added into a separate schema since they are part of the table definition.


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