Need help configuring Long Running Query alert...

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Hey All...

I'm working through some alert configurations in SM and I have a SQL Server maintenance plan that is generating a lot of alerts for processor utilization, physical memory and long running queries on one of my servers.

This is a third party maintenance plan and we have accepted the run times of this process.

Right now I'm trying to configure SQL Monitor to ignore anything from this process but I'm unable to see the SQL process in the current alerts to add to the alert configuration to exclude.

Does anyone know how to exclude a SQL Server maintenance plan for at least the long running query alert?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays!!

Kevin Monroe
SQL Server DBA


  • In the Long-Running query alert you have the option to add Regular Expressions.

    For example, to exclude any sql backup job, you can add the RegEx of "sqlbackup". This means that any job which uses the sqlbackup extended stored procedure in the script will not be alerted on.
  • Chris - Thank you for the reply. I've used regular expression exclusions for other alert configurations. My issue is that the process that is displayed when the maintenance plan runs is "SQL Server Management Studio". If I excluded this process any long running query that a user runs from SSMS would be excluded.

    I think I'm going to have to use Regular Expression to exclude the TSQL that the plan executes.

    Any other ideas?


    Kevin Monroe
    SQL Server DBA
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