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Debug Dialog Boxes slow to appear

eric-914eric-914 Posts: 46
edited December 10, 2012 2:46PM in SmartAssembly
Today, when I choose to "debug" an error, the S/A dialog box is taking quite awhile to show up now. As in 5 minutes. Used to be w/in 15 seconds.

I watch task manager, and see it using up to 298 meg to show the dialog. Wow, quite a bit of memory going on there.

Anyway, anyone got any ideas on what's going on? I have logging turned on, but I'd have thought that's for the S/A's main UI, not the debug dialog. Could that be a cause?


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    I've since discovered that this only seems to be happening when errors are occuring w/in one set of class libraries. (In my case, classes close to Prism libraries).

    Other code tends to pop up the error dialog generally in 5 seconds.
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