Pruning and public interfaces

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Just wondering if someone can explain S/A's pruning behavior in regards to public interfaces? Does it prune these?


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    If the assembly is a dll, no public members are pruned at all. If the assembly is an exe, all public members are pruned if they are not used elsewhere. This includes public interfaces.

    May I ask what prompted this question?
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    I've been painfully determining what can and what cannot be pruned in our WPF type application. I had narrowed down a set of problems to a namespace full of interfaces, but that namespace also included the equivalent of implementation classes.

    In the end, it turns out a few implementation classes had some methods that weren't part of their parent interfaces that were being cut out.

    Anyway, got me wondering if I ever have to worry about [DoNotPruneType] on an interface.

    So far, anything remotely behaving like a View Model in the MVVM pattern cannot be pruned. S/A doesn't check for property usage w/in XAML. And since WPF binds everything as "object", I doubt it could anyway.
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