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Script Size Limitation

StanGStanG Posts: 3
SQL data Compare has identified that source table (SQL Server 2K8R2) needs to update the destination table (SQL server 2K8R2) with approx 29K records. None of the column data types are TEXT. One column with most data is VARCHAR(MAX).

When I select "Deploy using SQL Data Compare, I get an eror "data compare between text and varchar(max) is invalid". Note: there are no text data types in neither source nor destination database.

If I grab about 6 records from the script, and execute in SSMS it works OK. However if I grab 100 records up comes the error.

Any suggestion how I can get the data accross using SQL Data Compare will be appreciated.


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    To try to figure out what is going wrong we are going to need to try to reproduce the error. Would it therefore be possible for you to send the following to support@red-gate.com and include the support ticket number F0067228 in the subject line.

    - a schema creation script for both objects in the comparison
    - confirmation of the exact version number of SQL Data Compare e.g.
    - confirmation of the exact version number of SQL Server involved e.g.
    - a copy of the generated deployment script giving you the error. As I assume that this is rather large for an email I can supply an ftp account for it.

    I am happy for you to send me a different object if you are uncomfortable sending me the one involved, but only if you are confident that it gives exactly the same behaviour.
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    It has been over a week since I provided you with the requested information to solve this issue. Do you have an ETA when I can expect a solution / reply. Many thanks for your assistance.
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    I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

    I did receive the schema creation scripts etc and I have attempted to reproduce the problem. However, I have been unable to do so. Would it be possible for you to send me the output from your deployment (a screenshot should suffice)?
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    Thank you for sending the additional info. I have just sent you an email asking for the tools error log file. Can you following the instructions and then send me the resulting .txt file that is generated.
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