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SQLCompareCodeSnippets StagingServerName

electrumelectrum Posts: 7
i installed the test databases as instructed in the comment of the c# source code.
when i compile and run the sample C# project SQLCompareCodeSnippets, it errors out with no error message.

i assume i need to change the value in StagingServerName to the connection string of the server with the database? i installed the database for example on the server "DBSERVER\ODS2008,3387"..

is this what i would need to put into the string for StagingServerName?
i tried it, with double slashes, and still get an abort.


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    ok, looks like it was a bug somewhere in SDK10 that was fixed by downloading/running the program in the attachment to the other post by cooperphil that the 'Samples are broken'.

    that seemed to fix the problem, the sample i was running now runs without error.
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