How can I set up scheduled daily check in

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I'm not sure this is the right tool but I'd like set up daily check in of a DB to SVN. Would you advice me how I can archive this?

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  • You need the sqlcompare.exe, which is SQL Compare Pro's command line. The steps you need are:

    1) create an svn working folder
    2) run sqlcompare.exe with the following switches

    /db1:yourdb /s1:yourserver /scripts2:yourworkingfolder /sync

    3) run an svn commit

    Use an Agent Job, Windows Scheduler or any other tool that can trigger a batch file periodically. If you plan to install this on a server rather than your desktop, you'll need an Automation License to activate the command line.

    David Atkinson
    Red Gate
    David Atkinson
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    Redgate Software
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