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Dear Support,

For a long time we experience Crashed and errors of the SQL Backup GUI. The last weeks te problems seem to increase, because we nog can't run the SQL backup GUI for more then a few minutes.

The error message we get is : Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'

When we get this message the Redgate.SQLBackup.UI procces uses bout 1.5 GB (this is a very huge amount of memory for a GUI application!!), so it seems to het the limit for 32 bit DotNet proccesses.

The problem probably occours because we backup a big number of databases (about 40.000 databases, in 10 instances), but because this number is still increasing (about 3.000 new databases every month) we really need a solution for this problem.

The best solution would be a more economical memory usage of the GUI application, but the solution could als be a 64 bit build of the GUI application.

Our management runnig the GUI software has 24 GB of memory with about 10 GB free, so total memory should not be an issue.

Al servers and the management station are running the latest build of SQL backup (, but w also experienced this issue in earlyer builds




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    I think a lot of the memory is used by "timeline" objects, therefore you may want to try disabling the timeline for the SQL Backup user interface. This can be done by creating a DWORD value in the registry:

    HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Client\DisableTimelineItemRequests

    and setting the value to "1"
  • Brian,

    Thanks for your sugestion.
    I wil give it a try, but this will probably not be a solution for us, as the timeline is the most important part of the GUI for us.

    Because we have to backup 40.000 databases (1 fullbackup every 24 hour, and a transactionlog backup every hour) we use the timeline interface to monitor the timing progress of our backups.
    This timeline is 1 of the reasons we use SQL backup.

  • Brian,

    I have tried te registry key and this did disabed the timeline and reduced the memory usage of the proccess (to about 150-200 MB).

    But ass explained in my previous post this is not a solution for us, as the timeline is the main reason for us to use the GUI.

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