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How to detect which Assemblies have been Merged

JohnRedGaterJohnRedGater Posts: 17
edited November 19, 2012 5:52AM in SmartAssembly
I am trying to integrate SmartAssembly into my build process. Here's what my build process looks like right now:

1. Build all projects and copy their assemblies to a build folder

2. Use Smart Assembly to merge the assemblies in the build folder into a single assembly. Some of the assemblies can't be merged.

3. Copy only merged assemblies and the ones that couldn't be merged into the Installer folder.

4. Build installer from files in the Installer Folder.

This works fine, but I wish I could have a bit more automation. Is there a way to tell MSBuild to automatically detect the assemblies specified in step 3? Alternatively, can SmartAssembly automatically delete assemblies that have been merged to prevent them from being copied?


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