Deployment Manager v1.0.8 released

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Good news! We've just released a new version of Deployment Manager - v1.0.8
This week we put a new 'point' release of Deployment Manager up on the Red Gate website. Existing users can update to this version by going to the Updates option in the Settings area of their Deployment Manager Web Interface.

What’s new in Deployment Manager v1.0.8
* Performance enhancements
* Bug fixes
* Usability improvements, including:
    * Improved NuGet Package auto-complete * New Settings page layout * Improved action button locations * Better unlicensed agent reporting * Duplicate Password/My Profile page removed * New Project goes straight to project page * Removed Gravatar * Health check button behaviour fix * Improvements to the 'Linking Deployment Manager to Agents' help page * Improved tab order – settings is now before tasks
We want to hear from you
The Deployment Manager team's goal is to release every couple of weeks, in order to get valuable improvements and features to our users as soon as possible, and to gather regular feedback on the direction we are taking the product.

So, we'd love to hear what you think about Deployment Manager, so we can make it even better:
* If you have any issues, please post them on this support forum (http://www.red-gate.com/messageboard/vi ... .php?f=163) or contact our support team at support@red-gate.com.
* If you have any suggestions for new features, enhancements, or things you would like to see, then please vote or comment on our Suggestion Forum.

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