New DB Generation - user defined data types?

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I've played with the demo and just purchases this yesterday, but I am running into an issue I don't know how to solve:

After my database has been attached and checked in (I'm using TFS, but the same thing happens in the sample repository).

1. Create a new Database
2. Link Database to source control.

This all works as expected, but if I try to generate my new database (run all scripts such that it's current with the TFS model), it fails. It tries to generate the datatables first, but they have User Defined Data Types as columns within them, thus the column types are unknown, thus the database generation fails.

I have found the ONLY way to generate a new Database is to MANUALLY sort by and check all User Defined Data Types first, generate those, then sort and check off all Table Value Parameters, and generate those, and then it will run the rest of the table creations, stored procedures and functions just fine.

Did I miss a step? Shouldn't it know to created user defined types FIRST? Is there a way to do that? I cannot convince deployment to run this three times due to improper sequencing. Thanks.


  • Got a reply to this from technical support (I paid for support so thought I'd try that).

    Their reply? The key of the three paragraphs response is....

    "I cannot offer any specific advice about how to fix this."

    Glad I paid for support!
  • Thanks for your post, I'm really sorry to hear that you feel that way.

    Essentially, my colleague was asking for a copy of your schema as it sounds like a dependency based problem. It's not one we've come up against before, and these tend to be database specific. We therefore request that you send the schema so we can be sure that any fix we implement is guaranteed to work in your environment.

    Now, we totally understand that there are occasions where people cannot send in their schema; if that's the case, you just need to say. We can TRY and repro the issue here, but if we don't get anywhere then I'm sorry to say that it's unlikely you'll get a fix.

    If however you are also able to reproduce the problem on a sample DB that you CAN send us, we will gladly look at that, too.

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    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    1 866 RED GATE ext. 8569
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