SQL Data Compare 10.2.3 has been released

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Announcing SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, available via Check for Updates or download from the links below:



New feature: scripts folder static data support

If you’re currently running both SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to generate a SQL deployment script from a scripts folder, you will no longer need to run both: SQL Compare, with its new command line option /include:StaticData will now include static data (which you will still have to synchronize to the script folder with SQL Data Compare or commit with SQL Source Control) in the deployment script that it generates/runs. It even puts the static data changes into the same transaction as the schema changes.

SQL Compare

Known Issues:

Some users who have customised the folder layout of their script folders (i.e. which folders contain which object types) may encounter a NullReferenceException in ScriptDatabaseInformation.ReadFromXml.

If you encounter this exception, deleting the file found at C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Compare\WriteToFileOptions.xml should fix the issue – SQL Compare will write out a new WriteToFileOptions.xml in the correct format.

You may need to re-enter your custom folder layout in the usual place and save your default settings for this feature again to restore your default settings to your usual layout.


New command line option /include:staticdata
Migration scripts from other branches can now be used - just deselect them from the deployment wizard if they are not relevant
Partitioned index warnings now correctly report filegroup names rather than partition scheme names
Allow Page Locks and Allow Row Locks options now supported on view indexes
Command line now correctly handles renamed identity columns in script folder tables

Bug fixes:

SC-5968: Command line now shows basic help again if no parameters are specified
SC-5598: Individual objects covered by migration scripts are now listed in action list
SC-5657: Columnstore indexes no longer cause an exception during comparison
SC-4824: Parameter defaults with scientific notation and other variant number literals now parse correctly
SC-5743: Names of user defined types in user defined table type definitions are now fully qualified
SC-5815: 'Open in SQL Data Compare' button now works correctly for projects with source-controlled databases
SC-5872: Indexes for temp tables used during rebuild should now correctly prefix names to avoid name collisions
SC-5670: Constraints on tables not in default schema now work correctly with existence check option
SC-5959: Now removes WITH APPEND on CREATE TRIGGER statements when targeting SQL Server 2012
SC-2020: Default constraints should no longer have different bracketing between SQL Server 2000 and later versions
SC-5898: Typo fix in script creation options
SC-5320: Advice to use migration scripts in warnings will no longer show up when you are already using migration scripts

SQL Data Compare

Bug fixes:

Command line automatic table mappings are now behaving more reliably in some cases.

SC-5968: command line without arguments now restored to previous behaviour providing help
SOC-2463: command line comparison from unlinked script folder now no longer acts as if there is no data in tables previously linked
SC-5815: Can now open a wider range of projects with source-controlled databases
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