Inconsistent Line Ending Style

timharkintimharkin Posts: 5
I am testing out SQL Source Control. I have an existing DB that I want to perform an initial check inn on. When I attempt to do so, the process fails at the step titled "Sending files to source control server" and states that there is a temp file (created by SSC) with an "inconsitent line ending style"


  • If you navigate into the repository folder and delete the contents. Then go back to SQL Source Control and attempt the initial check-in again, do you see the same problem?
  • By navigating to the source folders and deleting them, I corrupted the repository (it is a test repo, so no real loss, thankfully). I created a new empty respository, and then was able to perform the initial commit, for the most part. However, I an unable to commit some objects - the DB I am testing with has several hundred objects in it, and there are 70 that keep showing up as having changes to commit, even immeadiately after commiting the DB. It appears that the noted differences are all in comments at the beginning of the scripts.
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