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Commercial Licensing Tools

rgralakrgralak Posts: 2 Bronze 1
edited November 5, 2012 7:32AM in SmartAssembly
Which commercial licensing tools have people found work well with smartassembly? The tool must work with e-commerce providers like share-it.

Two that I have been considering are CryptoLicensing and Intellilock. Has anyone had any positive experiences with them?




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    I'm not personally aware of any specific examples that are known to work; so it may well be best to try your preferred tool (assuming there's a trial available)

    It's most likely you'll need to first process your assemblies via Smartassembly, and then the licensing tool after that - if you try it the other way around, SA may not work; especially if you want to use signing, or if the licensing tool "wraps" the assemblies up in a native Win32 protection tool.
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