SSRS Pack - Please make dates sensitive to the Regional Sett

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"09 - Alerts" shows the dates as UK-English (dd-mm-yyyy) along the x-axis. Being English, this is understood, but being in the U.S., and having the Server set to English - United States, one needs to see the date formatted per the locale.

Please fix the RDLs and re-deploy the SSRS pack. Thanks in advance.
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  • A member of the development team has has a look at the report that you have mentioned. He has changed it to 'something sensible'. Apparently this is not locale specific, but should better. I haven't tested it myself yet though.

    The new version is now available for download.
    Please let me know how it goes.
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    Sadly, that didn't change anything.

    The Alerts query in the RDL has two places where the CONVERT() function states 105 as the format code - that's ITALIAN.
    CONVERT (varchar, DateTimeRaised, 105) AS AlertDay
         , CASE
              WHEN @TimeInterval = 'Hourly' THEN CONVERT (varchar, DateTimeRaised, 105) + ':' + LTRIM(STR(DATEPART(hh, DateTimeRaised))) + 'h'
              ELSE NULL
           END AS AlertDayHour
    Can I suggest that the RDL be modified so that when "Daily" just the date portion is returned, else the date plus hour in a CAST( x AS datetime) field (from your util.tick-conversion). IMO, the "h"-style can be disposed of in favor of a standard-appearance of date+hh:00 to obviate format and content issues. Then code an expression in the chart's x-axis Format code, which it can have, despite there not being an expression icon next to it:
    You won't then need the expression for the x-axis label value.

    This boils down to: allow formatting to be performed upon presentation, i.e., in NOT in the underlying query...

    How does this sound to you...
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
    Decide wisely...
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