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BUG - Full Text catalog ACCENT_SENSITIVITY setting

jbelinajbelina Posts: 9 Bronze 2
edited October 23, 2012 12:01PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I believe I've found a bug in SQL Compare v10.2.0.1337

When comparing two script folders with the same collation and DB version, the Full Text catalog ACCENT_SENSITIVITY setting is showing up as a difference between the two script folders even though they are the same. If I use the deployment wizard to update the setting the file retains the OFF setting even though a refresh still shows the difference in SQL Compare.

I reran this comparison after upgrading to SQL Compare v10.2.3.1 but it still has the same behavior.

Both script folders have a default collation of SQL_Latin1_General_GP1_CI_AS with SQL Server 2008 as the version. This matches the database that I scripted out.

The folder generated by SSMS shows up as ACCENT_SENSITIVITY = OFF, the folder being compared is a folder from TFS and while the file itself says ACCENT_SENSITIVITY = OFF, the setting shows up in SQL Compare as ACCENT_SENSITIVITY = ON.
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