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Each time I start SSMS, a very large sql script that I had previously generated from Data Compare opens and causes a series of out of memory errors (where the error dialog is titled "SQL Tab Magic").. This is quite annoying.

I have uninstalled Tab Magic, and the problem went away. After I reinstalled Tab Magic, the problem reappears. I can not find this script anywhere on my machine, so I'm guessing that tab magic has kept this script in a cache somewhere and is attempting to reload it upon startup.

Is there anyway to clear this cache and get Tab Magic to foget that this was an open tab at one point?

BTW, I do not have the "Reopen tabs on startup" option seleted. But, if I click on "Open Tabs" in my toolbar I get the same malloc() error - even when I have no tabs open.

Thanks - aside from this problem, I really love Tab Magic


  • I found that if I rename C:\Users\<myAccount>\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Tab Magic\documents.db to something else the problem goes away. Of course, I lose my other closed tab details... I can deal with that problem :wink:
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