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SQL Doc Ouput Option?

MikeMike Posts: 4
edited October 19, 2012 3:38PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
At our manufacturing company with have over 30 SQL Servers with approximately 600+ databases. It would be nice to provide a searchable data dictionary that either our IT or QA departments could search for the data they are looking for. We have used the .html export option, but you have to know where the data resides already to find any information about it Is there another option that I could achieve this functionality that I'm missing?

I was wondering if anyone has considered exporting to a relational database as a format. Maybe part of the export could be some bit of web pages that would allow a user to search for some keywords or something to find what they are looking for. From there I could schedule the command line to run and export from every server regularly.


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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your post. We currently output to the following formats:

    - doc
    - html
    - help file(.chm)

    I will submit a feature request to implement a searchable data dictionary.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Tanori
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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