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Upgrading SDK to latest point release

clamk123clamk123 Posts: 40
This question has come up before, which is, how do we upgrade our SDK libraries when releases of Sql Compare come out?

The answer before was to download the Sql Toolbelt and reinstall, however it seems that the Sql Toolbelt as downloadable from the main website is an old version and hasn't been updated. Is there a "newer" download location to get the latest and greatest libraries?


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    Hello clamk123,

    Thanks for your post. We have opened a support ticket for you in regards to this, and we'll be contacting you shortly.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Tanori
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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    Hi, is there an update on this?

    I am running into the sample problem... we rely on the SDK engine and could really use the latest fixes that were made to compare and synchronize Azure database.

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