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Do snippets support multiple variable expansion?

rgelbrgelb Posts: 45 Bronze 4
edited January 24, 2013 10:03PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When I read snippets, I assumed SSMS or VS style snippets, except with less PITA experience. Unless I am missing something, the snippets in SQLPrompt5 are a more limited replacement. Please tell me it ain't so.

I want to quickly be able to group by a given column in a given table and sort by the count DESC.

SELECT DomainLogin, COUNT(*)
FROM Proposal
GROUP BY DomainLogin

So in this case there would be 2 varibles: column name (DomainLogin in this case) and table name (Proposal in this case).

It seems like SQL Prompt 5 supports $CURSOR$ for variables, but only a single one. And it definitely doesn't seem to support tabbing between variables, a la Visual Studio.

Am I wrong?


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