Resetting admin password for the web gui

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Well, this is embarrassing!

I can't remember the password I set for the admin user in Deployment Manager and thus can't login in the web gui. :oops:

Is there any way to reset the password?



  • Hi Mattias -

    Unfortunately we don't have a good solution to this problem yet.

    You could delete the Deployment Manager database, which would "reset to factory settings", but this would lose all of the information you've entered, including environments, projects and agents you've set up.

    If you do want to delete the database:

    1) Stop the Deployment Manager service. It should appear in services.msc as "Red Gate Deployment Manager"

    2) Delete the directory you have assigned to store Deployment Manager data. The default is %PROGRAMDATA%\RedGate\DeploymentManager\Data, but you can find out your data directory by loading the Deployment Manager server tools application on your DM server and selecting the "data repository" tab.

    3) Restart the service, either in services.msc or using the "service" tab of the Deployment Manager server tools application. A new, empty, data
    directory will be created on restart, and if you navigate to the DM portal in a web browser, you will be invited to create a new administrator user.
    David Conlin
    Software Developer
    Deployment Manager
  • swinghouseswinghouse Posts: 120 Bronze 2
    Thanks David,

    I followed your suggestion and restarted with an empty database. I didn't loose that much work to be honest.

    This time around I'll make sure I keep track of my admin account settings!

    I presume you will add a password reset option in the RTM version of Deployment Manager?
  • Hi Mattias

    I'm not sure that this is something we will do before the RTM version comes out.

    It's only a problem for users who have forgotten *all* of their admin passwords (since an administrator can reset another administrator's password).

    We'll have a look at fixing this in subsequent releases if it turns out to be a common problem.
    David Conlin
    Software Developer
    Deployment Manager
  • swinghouseswinghouse Posts: 120 Bronze 2
    Hi David,

    On second thought I don't think the problem was me forgetting the admin password but rather that I was fooled by the user name textbox being populated with my e-mail address rather than my username!

    This is perhaps something you guys can fix for the RTM?

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    Hi Mattias

    Thanks for your further feedback. David is on holiday this week - so I'm replying for him :)

    Deployment Manager does not pre-populate the fields on the login page - username & password. However, your browser might be doing this - so if you entered your email address into that field initially, it might be pre-populated with that value next time you try to logon.

    We are planning to streamline the user creation process in the future, so we'll hopefully be able to make the process clearer then. However, this won't be started in time for the RTM as we have higher priority work to do first.

    Best regards,
    Divisional Development Lead
    Redgate Software
  • swinghouseswinghouse Posts: 120 Bronze 2
    Hi Chris,

    Why on earth didn't I think of that? :oops:

    Thanks for the explanation - and your patience. Much appreciated!

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