How can I obtain the latest version of HyperBac?

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We are having some issues with suspect databases which are mounted via HyperBac The databases have multiple data files and are sized larger than 400gb natively. The backup files are split into two and which are 30-60gb each compressed. Each time a restart of the vm guest occurs these databases come back as suspect. I have set the SQL Server Service to have a service level dependency so that the HyperBac service was required to be online and initialized before SQL Server services would come online.

This has not resolved our instabilities and I would like to get to the latest 5.9 version of HyperBac to see if the instability is resolved in this release.


  • This forum post has created a support case in our support system. I will be responding to this request via the support case. Please expect an update via email in this regards.

    Thanks for your patience and feedback in this matter.

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