Data comparision bewteen db's with different schemas

Cymru_ChrisCymru_Chris Posts: 2
Hi all,

I'm working on an upgrade project that requires me to generate a data comparsion between 2 databases. The 2nd database is a upgrade of the first and I'm thinking of using Redgate compare to achieve this.

It's very convoluted but my simple question is this: Is it possible to use data compare to generate difference between db's with different schemas? (Only columns are added - I can't see any that have been deleted as yet).

Any advice/help appreciated.




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    I'm not an expert but I'm about 90% confident that you would have to ensure that the schemas are synchronized first (for example, by using SQL Compare first). I think there is some latitude for difference- for example as long as the columns allow nulls and have no constraints etc it may well work.

    Give it a try, won't cost any monies :)
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