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Integrating Data Generator 2.0 and TFS

JimboJetJimboJet Posts: 7
Hi All,

What's the best way to source control the generation plans I create using Data Generator 2.0?

We're currently using Team Foundation Server and I'd ideally like to be able to check my generation plans into TFS and then when checking out the test database, automatically run the generation plan so that a fresh checkout includes test data.

Also it would be nice if the plan could be updated based on any schema changes made.

Is this possible at all?




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    I'm using SDG in conjunction with TFS, but not with an ideal way...

    My first purpose was to generate the data 'automatically' by means of a script (powershell or batch).
    BUT there is no way to invoke a command line with a target (DB, server) as a parameter ; a thread is here :

    You can vote +1 for this feature request...

    Then, I proceed as the following :
    - create a DB with the last updates from TFS DB scripts ;
    - generate data with SDG and other scripts
    - this is my 'template' DB

    In a further step, I duplicate this DB by means of backup/restore script.
    this can be done through SQL scheduled jobs and you can target several DBs (for testing, integrating, etc.).

    hope this helps.

    using SQL data Generator 2.0
    dedicated CRM Software build with dotNet WPF / SQLServer 2008R2
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    Thanks JL..

    I've only just managed to get SDG to put the correct data in to my schema for my cube to process (my fault, not SDG's).. So once that's done I'll have a go using the command line and go from there. Luckily we don't need to load in data from .csv files or anything, so as long as everyone has access to one particular server there shouldn't be too much of an issue..

    The only problem will be making the path generic enough so that any developer can run the script.

    Thanks again.

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