Perfmon data is missing objects: LogicalDisk

BryanSBryanS Posts: 3
edited October 30, 2015 5:17PM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Hi, I'm getting the following error on a couple (but not all) of my nodes on a cluster I'm monitoring.

"Perfmon data is missing objects: LogicalDisk. Possible causes include performance counter library corruption, or a 32-bit/64-bit mismatch between Windows and the performance counter provider (e.g. SQL Server)."

It's not a mismatch problem. I'm running 64-bit on 64-bit.

When I ran perfmon I did find that LogicalDisk was missing. So I looked into that and found this link: ... stics.aspx

I did what it says to do and now LogicalDisk shows for me in Perfmon. But I still get the same error in SQL Monitor. What else do I need to look for?


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