SQL Prompt not available in SQL Server Data Tools & VS2010

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I have SQL Prompt installed. I recently installed Visual Studio 2010 and the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) add-in. While the SQL Prompt pulldown is available in VS 2010, the features are disabled when I open a query from SSDT.

Am I missing something, or does SQL Prompt not work (currently) with SSDT?


Jeff Ptak
Corning Incorporated


  • Hi Jeff,

    We believe this issue is fixed in SQL Prompt 5.3.4. You should be able to update your copy to this version by going to SQL Prompt 5 > Help > Check for Updates....

    Please reply here whether it worked for you or not!

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
  • Thanks for the quick reply. The update did enable SQL Prompt now, BUT it doesn't offer any suggestions. Refresh suggestions didn't do anything either.

    Code snippets worked, but your version of intellisense did not give me any table suggestions.
  • OK...I did get this to work, but I had to manually connect to the server from the SQL Prompt menu. I have never had to do that before.
  • Thanks for the feedback Jeff. It's good to see that you've got SQL Prompt working in your environment now.

    SQL Prompt in Visual Studio sometimes has problems automatically identifying the database connection when you're editing a query, which is why the Connect to Server... option is there to do it manually. This is not needed in SQL Server Management Studio as the connection is always identified.

    You say you "recently installed Visual Studio 2010": have you used SQL Prompt inside any version of Visual Studio before? If SQL Prompt used to find the database connection in Visual Studio for you, and doesn't now with SSDT queries, then that's useful information for us and we'll try to improve it in a future release.

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
  • I never really used SQL Prompt in previous versions of VS namely because I didn't like the SQL interface in VS. Sorry, can't help you there.
  • We are also using SQL Prompt v5.3.4.1 within our organization and are experiencing a similar issue.

    When a SQL file is opened within an SSDT project in VS 2010, SQL Prompt suggestions work for SQL Keywords, local stored procedure variables, etc. In order to get suggestions for database objects, we need to connect to the database using the Connect to Server menu item...

    Once connected to the database, SQL Prompt works correctly, but as soon as a new file is opened, we need to use Connect to Server again.

    Because of this, it's actually more convenient to disable SQL Prompt suggestions and use the intellisense provided by SSDT. However, each time we open the SSDT project we have to enable SSDT intellisense. SSDT intellisense seems to be defaulting to disabled since we installed SQL Prompt.
  • I have just installed SQL Prompt to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. I am trying to use it with the SQL Server Data Tools SQL Project. Whenever I open a sql file I need to manually connect SQL Prompt to a desired server. It has difficulties to detect what server to connect most likely for working in the disconnected sql development project.

    Is there a way to instruct SQL Prompt which connection to use similar to the SQL Search in the SSMS?

    Is there any other way to have it remember a connection? At the moment it is not productive to connect to a database each time a database object needs to be modified or created.

  • Hi bkolundzic,

    I'm afraid SQL Prompt doesn't currently identify the connection automatically for Visual Studio query windows.

    Please add your vote to this feature suggestion to improve its chances of being selected when SQL Prompt development work is next prioritised.
    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
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