Error: No process is on the other end of the pipe

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I am using SQL Compare 8. When trying to synch a script repository with a SQL DB I am getting this:

Comparing database Scripts.Rex with database Rollout.rex_beta_dev...
Registering data sources
Error: Comparison of 'Scripts.Rex' and 'Rollout.rex_beta_dev' failed: A
connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error
occurred during the login process. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 -No process is on the other end of the pipe.)

I get a return code of 126. Your list of return codes does not go this high. Where do I find info on this and other return codes?



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    I have resolved on part of the issue; the DB being synched did not exist at the time. But I would like to know where I could have found any explanation for a return code of 126 or any other code.
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    Exit Codes
    0 - Success.
    1 - General error code.
    3 - Illegal argument duplication. Some arguments may not appear more than
    once in a command-line. If such arguments appear more than once this
    exit code will be returned.
    8 - Unsatisfied argument dependency or violated exclusion when user runs
    command line. E.g. /arg2 depends on /arg1 but you have specified /arg2
    without specifying /arg1, or alternatively /arg2 cannot be used with
    /arg1 but you have tried to use them both.
    32 - Value out of range. Numeric value supplied for an argument that is
    outside the range of valid values for that argument.
    33 - Value overflow. The magnitude of a value supplied for an argument is too
    large and causes an overflow.
    34 - Invalid value. The value supplied for an argument is invalid.
    35 - No / invalid software license or trial period has expired.
    61 - SQL Compare encountered serious warnings that apply to the
    62 - Syntax errors were found in a script folder that was being compared. To
    ignore this error, use the 'ignoreParserErrors' option.
    63 - The databases being compared are identical with respect to any
    constraints on objects being compared.
    64 - General command-line usage error.
    65 - Data error. Some input data required by the tool is invalid or corrupt.
    69 - A resource or service required to run the tool is unavailable.
    73 - Failed to create report
    74 - IO error occurred. Generally returned if the program attempts to write
    to a file that already exists without the user having specified the
    /force option.
    77 - Action cannot be completed because the user does not have permission.
    79 - When used with /assertidentical this value is returned for non-identical
    126 - Execution failed because of an error.
    130 - Execution stopped because Ctrl+Break.

    This information could have been found in the verbose help file generated by SQL Compare command line.
    sqlcompare /v /?
    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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    I was looking at this page,
    https://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/ ... Exit_Codes

    which includes codes only up to 73.
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