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I have recently upgraded our servers from using V 6.5 to V 7.1. This is on SQL2005 servers that are both standalone and 2 node clusters. After I have upgraded the GUI I run the SQBServerSetup.exe to upgrade the server component. Then when I open the GUI it prompts me to enter the serial number which I do and the Trial Period Icon diappears.

This is quite simple for a standalone server but I have noticed an interesting situation on a dual node cluster. I prefer to do a clustered upgrade individually so I upgrade the GUI on the inactive node then do the same on the active node then run the SQLServerSetup.exe on the active node then do the same on the inactive node. I now open the GUI on the active node and then the inactive node to check that I am now running the newest version. I get prompted to input the serial number which I will do on the active node and have to do this manually because of limited internet access from the server and then the Trial period Icon disappears on both nodes.

Now my problem has come later when suddenly SQLBackup decides that my Trial Period has ended so now my backup jobs fail.

First is there a way, probably in the registry that I can see if SQLBackup thinks it is not registered. These are 64_bit systems. Could this be the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Red Gate\Licensing\SQL Backup\Serial Number?

Now does this happen because of an issue with the upgrade or how I do the upgrade?

I am a little concerned because I upgraded 3 clustered Production servers 8 days ago and don't want SQLBackup to fail.


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  • This happened again today on a test server. I checked the regkey I mentioned and could see the serial number present before I registered again.

    I am now more curious as to what makes SQLBackup think it is running a Trial.

    English DBA living in CANADA
  • Hi ChrisAVWood,

    Thanks for your post. We have opened a support ticket and we should be in contact with you shortly.

    Steve Tanori
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
  • Thanks to Steve I will use a different method to activate after a version upgrade and I also know if a server, standalone or clustered, has a license file.

    For W2K3 look in "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Red Gate\Licenses\" for a v9_0.lic file where v9 is the version. In my case it would be v7_0.lic. The ALLUSERSPROFILE turns out to be C:\Documents and settings\All Users

    For W2K8 look in C:\Program Data\Red Gate\Licenses for the v7_0.lic file. The Program data folder is hidden by default.

    My new activation method will be by using the GUI Tools/Utilities/Product Activation and use this on both nodes.

    English DBA living in CANADA
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