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HyperBac Components Update (version 5.8.0)

Fiona GFiona G Posts: 43 Bronze 3
edited September 5, 2012 5:28AM in SQL HyperBac 5
Version 5.8 of the HyperBac components have been released.

Build numbers:
Installer version:
Service version:
Driver version:
SQL HyperBac:

New Features / Bug Fixes

SQL HyperBac
- A memory leak when performing a striped SQL HyperBac backup has been fixed. (HBT-282)

HyperBac Engine / HyperBac Driver / Utilities
- xp_validate_sqb_backup will now work with non-default HyperBac index locations. This procedure may be used as part of SQL Virtual Restore or SQL HyperBac. (HBT-305)
- HyperBacSupportInfo.zip: Output file is now called SupportLogsAndSystemData.zip.
- The HyperBac Driver should no longer cause a Blue Screen if an error occurs while the driver is being loaded into the Kernel. (HBD-11)
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