How to make sql compare remember passwords?

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using the latest version of sql compare, how do I make it remember users & passwords for the various sql servers I am using?

each time I select on the compare dialog a new server I need to enter the sql authentication user & pwd again. I want to just tell sql compare the login credentials once and be done with it for ever.
Dan Avni


  • When you set up the comparison for the first time with the comparison wizard, there should be a tickbox called 'Save password' - does that not show up for you?

    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
  • Wait, hang on - I'm not sure I've understood you. You say each time you select a new server you need to enter the credentials again - SQL Compare can't tell if you use the same credentials between servers, so you won't be able to make it autofill credentials for a server it hasn't seen before.

    If you only have SQL authentication on your servers, I'm afraid you'll have to enter the username and password every time you start a new comparison. If you're commonly comparing a certain pair of databases, though, you can save the comparison as a project, and if you ticked the 'save password' box while setting it up you won't need to re-enter credentials for that comparison.

    Does that answer your question a little better?
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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    Please add a feature like the "Server registration" in SSMS. In SSMS, I register the server once and never again have to remember the password.

    I have a lot of DB servers I am connecting to and a lot of databases to compare. Instead of opening a project for every pair, I usually use one project and replace one side of the comparison (the other side is a usually a dev db). on some occasions, I need to compare the dev db to a snapshot or to a backup (again still using the same comparison project as before). after comparison to a snapshot If I need to then compare to a live DB I need again to enter the credentials.

    I know I am not using sql compare in the way you planned (with comparison projects) but I find my way much easier for my needs.

    in short I think a feature like "server registration" would make life easier in usage cases like mine
    Dan Avni
  • Sure, OK - we're always eager to hear about users who have come up with workflows that we didn't anticipate, so thanks.

    Can I ask you to post this as a feature suggestion on our UserVoice forum? It's easier for me to convince the development team to implement features if I can show them a submission with a lot of backing on UserVoice - if you've got a minute, it'd be great if you could have a look around and vote on any other features you think would be good in the tool. Thanks for your feedback!
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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