Applying changes to a DB under Change Data Capture

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Hi - I ran into a problem while applying some changes to a Dev database that had CDC enabled on most tables - got an error like this:

Cannot alter column 'CoverageAreaTypeCode' because it is 'enabled for Replication or Change Data Capture'.

I was able to work around these issues, but was wondering:
1 - is there something that I can do in SQL Compare to avoid this problem in the future (it didn't notice I had CDC on in the target), or
2 - are there techniques that I can employ to safely/easily promote changes to a DB that is running CDC ?

I plan on googling for some best practices, but I figured some of you may have already encountered this kind of problem and have some quick advice.


  • Thanks for your post.

    I'm afraid we don't have any specific support to handle cdc enabled databases. I think you would need to disable cdc on the object before you try to deploy the changes with SQL Compare and then turn it on again afterwards.

    This might be something that SQL Compare could do as part of the deployment script, so it might be worth logging a feature request for it on our uservoice site: ... uggestions
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