When adding a node to an existing sql cluster

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How do you install RedGate for the existing instances? I have SQLBackup 6.5 on node A and B already. I have added a node C and need to get SQLBackup to work when existing instance failover to C. I have installed SQLBackup on node C for a new instance of SQL but it isn't setup for the existing instance already on the cluster.


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    All that you should need to do is locate sqbserversetup.exe from the SQL Backup Program Files folder, copy that to the new cluster node, and run it from the console. When you choose the instance of SQL for which to install the components, you can then choose to install on all nodes. This should add the new node.

    Please let us know whether this works or if there is a problem getting it to work.
  • That works. I didn't know what would happen when you say install on all nodes when it was already installed on 2 of them.

    Thank you.
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    I tested it out myself to make sure - it doesn't seem to affect the installation on the existing nodes at all...
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