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Compare Collation not picking up collation differences

GMoneyGMoney Posts: 3
edited August 29, 2012 4:12PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there, I have just restored a DB from SQL 2005 onto my SQL 2012 machine and am using SQLCompare10 to compare the two databases. For some reason differences in the collation are not being picked up by the comparison tool.

As an example, I have a table with collation specified as Latin1_General_CI_AS on a few columns. When I compare this to a database which has SQL_Latin1_General_CI_AS specified as the database default collation and no collation specified on these table columns (ie. they will have the database default collation), I get no differences between the tables.

I have the 'Ignore Collation' switched off, so I would have thought these collation changes would be picked up.

Can someone help me out with how I can get these to be picked up in the comparison tool?



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    Thank you for your post.

    If I understand your scenario correctly, then the reason that the tables are showing no differences is because their aren't any. You may be specifying the collations for the tables in different ways, but when SQL Compare is retrieving the schema information they are seen as identical.
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    Perhaps you are correct.

    I got around my problem by taking a blank database with the correct collation and used SQL Data Compare to populate the database.

    Thanks for your response anyway.
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