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I'm interested in creating some custom rdl's that would display the same data found under the Analysis counters. My goal is to circumvent the 'export' process as well as capture multiple counters (those particularly desired by my management chain) into one report rdl.

My obstacle, granted i'm only a couple weeks into ownership of SQL Monitor, is my inability to interpret some of the data i have located via a trace while quering counters. I was able to identify the utils.tickstodatetime function to convert my dates but interpreting the counter data has been more of a challenge.

Take the following view for example; data.cluster_sqlserver_process_unstablesamples_view

How can I translate or convert the cluster_sqlserver_process_cumulativetime column (or the other similar bigint columns here) into usable data that my chart would use? I'd essentially be copying exactly what the SQL Server: processor time chart shows in the Analysis tab of SQL Monitor but not exactly sure which field and the conversion necessary.

Thanks for your advice.


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    I have had to ask a member of the development team for help with your question and this was the answer fro the column [Cluster_SqlServer_Process_CumulativeUserTime]

    In the case of the data.cluster_sqlserver_process_unstablesamples_view the CumulativeUserTime is the amount of time the process has spent in ‘user mode’ (as opposed to kernel, or privileged mode). If you compare the cumulative user time from one second to the next, you can work out how much time the process has been working for. So if the difference was 0.75 seconds between 1 second pollings, you’d know it has been using 75% of the CPU (although this is offset by multi core, etc, etc.).

    So, I'm not really sure if that helps at all?
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    Thanks for the reply Chris.

    I am conducting some additional research at this point and hope to follow up here with my code to help others that may be interested (granted RedGate does offer a few unsupported rdl's that may accomplish the same thing).
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