compare only indexes/keys

mryhmlnmryhmln Posts: 16
edited August 15, 2012 10:39AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I would really like to have a way of separating table scripts from foreign key/index creation scripts. Currently, we have replication set up on a number of tables in our database and our reinitialization process for replication is to drop all tables, regenerate all of the tables through replication, and then run a "post script" to reapply all of the indexes/views on the tables. Currently I will run sql compare to generate a script that includes all of the table and foreign/key index scripts, and then manually break out the index/foreign key scripts. it would be helpful if sql compare could help with this so it's less of a manual process, e.g. offering an option to compare keys/indexes only as opposed to ignoring them.
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