Profiling ASP.NET: Operation could destabilize the runtime

jaap.q42jaap.q42 Posts: 36 Bronze 2
I have a depency on Common.Logging. which wasn't release so I built it myself from github.

I'm getting the VerificationException Operation could destabilize the runtime. exception which I've already found on these forums.

Running IIS7 on Windows 7 .NET 4, using ANTS Performance Profiler 6.3 Prof.

I've been able to do this:
* <system.web><trust level="Full"/>
* got profiling working with method timings only
* Altered The Common.Logging dll (since I already built it myself) to include [assembly: System.Security.SecurityRules(System.Security.SecurityRuleSet.Level1)] instead of [assembly: SecurityTransparent]

The line which was reported by the exception seems stange:
Line 86: public static readonly string COMMON_LOGGING_SECTION = "common/logging";
although ANTS might be doing things there to make the line numbers all weird.

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  • jaap.q42jaap.q42 Posts: 36 Bronze 2
    I found a [assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute()] in the code.

    DELETING the PDB files worked, obviously, because I only want methods with source, so when I removed the pdb file, ANTS has no way to find the source!
  • This is a well known issue but I believe the very latest update to ANTS improves the situation, bypasssing assemblies thus marked (without needing to delete any PDBs). Please can you upgrade and retry?
  • jaap.q42jaap.q42 Posts: 36 Bronze 2
    Unfortunately upgrading is not an option because we didn't renew our license. I consider the issue closed since the fix is not to include pdb's which is just fine, I don't need them anyway...
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