New SQL Compare 10.2 update released

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Announcing SQL Compare, available through Check for Updates and the download link below: ... 0.1337.exe

This release of SQL Compare primarily improves SQL Server 2012 support, including sequence objects as their own type of database object, file tables, columnstore indexes, search property lists, persisted computed spatial columns, and a wide range of new SQL Server 2012 syntax including:

OFFSET and FETCH, Next Value For, new stored procedure execution options (with result sets, as for xml, as type), parse / try_parse / try_convert, iif, concat, choose, new datetime functions (e.g. eomonth), format, near, window functions (analytic / percentile), new ALTER ROLE, PROPERTY terms in CONTAINS clause, semantic search functions, and new alter fulltext index syntax.

SQL Server 2012 syntax should now highlight correctly and attempting to synchronize 2012-only objects to a server on an earlier version of SQL Server should generate a warning; you can also now tell SQL Compare to open scripts in SQL Server 2012 Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio integration has been moved to a seperate item in the installer after some people experienced problems with this component. The version of the integration pack supplied with this installer will not work with SQL Server 2012 Management Studio; a new version of the integration pack which has 2012 support should be available soon.

Also included is better handling of Azure tables with clustered index changes, and some improvements to command line licensing; serial numbers can now be activated from the command line inline with another operation, and the new Automation License keys can be used to activate.

There are additionally a wide range of bug fixes and minor improvements:

Parser / scripts folder related:

SC-4699 - repeatedly applying convex hull geometry method no longer confuses the parser
SC-4792 - STATS_STREAM in create statistics statements now no longer confuses the parser
SC-4852 - script folder reader can now handle hashed passwords in CREATE LOGIN statements
SC-5135 - SQL 2008 syntax for fulltext indexes in hand-edited script folders now works
SC-5367 - missing a referencedfulltext stoplist in script folder no longer causes exception to be raised
SC-5546 - FOR clauses after OPTION clauses in stored procedures no longer confuse the parser
SC-5719 - fixed script parsing error with DECLARE statements containing (max) data types
SC-5821 - parser now understands table valued functions as the target of a MERGE statement

Migrations related:

SC-5267 / SC-5904 - migration script temp file store made more robust - should fix occasional file-not-found errors
SC-5315 - sorting by Transition in migration scripts folder now sorts numerically not alphabetically
SC-5474 - changing the deployment direction no longer sometimes leads to incorrect migration script display
SC-5931 - migration scripts covering objects not show in the comparison (e.g. because they only exist at an intermediate stage) now still appear

UI related:

SC-5282 - fixed minor focus issue on startup to projects dialog
SC-5408 / SC-5947- fixed rare crash on closing dialog during list box population
SC-5507 - fixed occasional crash when editing filters
SC-5520 - fixed rare crash on closing deployment wizard when project has closed underneath
SC-5539 / SC-5899 - fixed rare crash on restoring default table mappings
SC-5796 / SC-5828 / SC-5883 - fixed print preview crash from missing DevExpress DLL
SC-5825 - fixed crash in Check for Updates
SC-5933 - fixed rare crash on comparison of identical dbs on slow machines due to a race condition
SC-5973 - fixed rare crash when SQL Compare installed to deeply nested folder

Command Line related:

SC-5581 / SC-5582 - command line now automatically uses filter file in scripts folder if one is present
SC-5595 - options now taken into account when using /makescripts on command line
SC-5726 - AddDatabaseUseStatement and IgnoreSystemNamedConstraints options now work on the command line
SC-5767 - command line can now make a snapshot from a source-controlled script folder source
SC-5949 - command line no longer echoes some text entered into the licensing UI

Dependency related:

SC-4670 - fixed dependency issue between UDDTs when comparing from script folders
SC-5732 / SC-5693 - fixed dependency ordering issue with function/table dependencies and the drop/recreate option
SC-5722 / SC-5729 - fixed dependency ordering issue between views depending on other views

Reporting related:

SC-5589 / SC-4867 / SC-5750 - interactive HTML report should fetch images online if local image folder not present, but use local images if available
SC-5947 - comparison reports can now be viewed with local images on non-Windows OS


SC-4954 - Ignore data compression option now leaves compression unchanged on deploy even when other changes cause a table to be selected for deployment
SC-5453 - option text updated for SQL Server 2012 / Azure server versions
SC-5593 - SQL Source Control extended properties no longer cause SQL Compare to attempt to use SQL Source Control when SQL Source Control is not installed
SC-5757 - SQL Server 2012 backups no longer all break the backup reader with version-related error message
SC-5801 / SC-5783 - SQL 2000 databases with decimal identity columns can now be compared again
SC-5903 - SQL Compare now handles old versions of SQL Source Control with less crashing
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