New SQL Data Compare 10.2 update released

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Announcing SQL Data Compare, available through Check for Updates and the download link below:

http://downloads.red-gate.com/checkforu ... .0.885.exe

This release of SQL Data Compare primarily improves SQL Server 2012 support and command line licensing; serial numbers can now be activated from the command line inline with another operation, and the new Automation License keys can be used to activate.

SQL Server Management Studio integration has been moved to a seperate item in the installer after some people experienced problems with this component. The version of the integration pack supplied with this installer will not work with SQL Server Management Studio 2012; a new version of the integration pack which has 2012 support should be available soon.

There are additionally some bug fixes and minor improvements:

SDC-1390 / SDC-1406 - Print preview crash from missing DevExpress DLL fixed
SDC-1430 - Fixed rare crash from race condition in script folder database validation
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