Script folder contains circular object references

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I have a couple of MSSQL 2008 R2 databases linked together via RedGate Source Control and TFS. I'm using one as a developement server and commiting changes from it to the Source Control repository ( TFS ). The other one is the test server, where I fetch any changes occuring in the source control, via the Get Latest tab.

This has been functioning very well for around 6 months, but now all of a sudden, I'm getting the following error from Source Control, when trying to run the Get Latest operation :

Script folder contains circular object references. Such databases cannot be created. Please ensure the source scripts define a consistent database schema

Please advise, as dependent as I have become on the Source Control, this is a big problem.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    SQL Source Control is restricting you from creating a database based on scripts because, as it points out, it's impossible for it to work out the order in which the objects should be created.

    I think you *may* be able to get around it if you can work out the object names that are involved in this conflict, create them yourself in the database, and then link the database to source control and do the get latest. SQL Source Control will calculate the differences and apply them - if the objects already exist, Source Control should not check them again.
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