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Profiling Winform App under Windows 2003, .Net FX 3.5

OdedOded Posts: 2
We have a Winform app working under Windows 2003, .Net FX 3.5.
Formaly RedGate does not support the attachement of a process under Windows 2003 or .Net FX 3.5.
We found a way to tweek the config file so that the .Net FX 3.5 is not a problem.
Running RedGate in command promt will not work for us because of the limitation of the length of the parameter we pass to the program.

Do u know of a way to work around the limitation of attaching the process under Windows 2003?


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    No, sorry. You cannot workaround this fundamental limitation of the .Net profiling API. Maybe their is another way to achieve what you want.

    Have you tired using the profiler in 'Sampling mode (fastest, least detail)'?
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