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Waiting for new version ?

thomas4uthomas4u Posts: 2
edited December 12, 2005 9:08AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi, we are interesting in buying the value pack incl. "SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare and DTS Compare". But when reading the forums it seems that there will be new versions released for both SQL Compare (full support for SQL Server 2005) and DTS Compare (greatly improved) in a very near future. Is there any benefits buying this value pack now or should we wait until the new versions asre released. We are not interested in paying for the product again within a month or so just to get the upgrade. Regards, Thomas


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    Purchasing the SQL Bundle with support and upgrades will entitle you to priority support and free upgrades over th next 12 months. This will mean that you will receive the upgrade to version 4 (mainly SQL 2005 support), and also the upgrade to version 5, which will be available in Q2 of 2006. Version 5 will be a major upgrade and will have extra functionality and a new user interface.

    Version 4 is scheduled for release in the middle of January. Purchasing SQL Bundle now will mean that you get the upgrade to version 4 for free without support and upgrades, but you will not receive a free upgrade to version 5. I receommend purchasing support.

    The easiest way to purchase is on our website. Alternately, please email your purchase order to sales@red-gate.com.


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