setting up a migration script folder

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I am using the latest version of source control and going against vault as my version control server.

I am trying to set up my migration folder, and getting the following error:
The database script location and migration script location can not be the same folder, and one cannot be the parent of the other.

I did google this and found the following link (http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/c ... ons#o14961) and as far as I can see, I am following the same steps that is in the link.

So any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.



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    I was confused by this initially as well. It seems that you must have a separate repository for the migration scripts and the database.
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    I thought that was the solution as well, but that didnt work and then I ended making it work for a different database. The difference being when I added in the new database, I set up the folder and migration folder within my new respository and then it worked.

    Not sure if that is a bug (feature, everything is a feature in software :) ) or not, but that allows me to move forward. Although I am not seeing how to add this in retroactively, probably a vault thing at this point.

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    I know back in July I thought I had this working properly, and then I went on holidays and came back, and other things pushed down the food chain. Now I am back to it, and still getting the same error as before...any ideas on what it is that I am doing wrong.
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